Gearing Up for the Holidays

Christmas cards have long since been sent out, gifts have been wrapped for weeks, and Christmas candy is slowly being given out. Tonight is the last minute snack and drink shopping. Tomorrow all that's left is decorating after the annual SERC Christmas Eve run.

I am going minimalist on the decor this year since the cats will just knock down the tree it isn't going up. We are having over both sets of parents and my sister so it will be a small celebration and I am sure they will be fine with just a few Christmas-ey touches. I did toy with the idea of getting a nice pine branch to hang on a wall for some of our nicer ornaments, but then realized that would involve me going out with a hack saw into the woods and decided against it. Any creative ideas for hanging a few of my nicer ornaments around the house without a tree?

In the meantime I have been running up a storm despite the aggravated left knee. Pretty confident it is just mild patellar tendinitis caused by the slipping around on the ice a few Sunday's ago. It is slowly getting better with some PT and ice. I don't think I helped things last week by doing all my mileage in 7 runs. This week, more doubles!

This week I had to start logging my runs in a new log as the Nike Training Log went down at some point last Thursday and the Nike rep has no idea when it will be back up again, and at some point it will be retired. A little aggravated at the possibility of losing all of that data in a nice handy place where I could retrieve it but now I will make sure to always have a back up of everything on my own computer. Mostly upset about the shoe mileage tracking as I have no clue how many miles I have on the several pairs I am wearing right now. Oh well.

Monday December 14th through December 20-Total 72 miles
Monday-10 miles 7:18 pace (2 mile warm up at 8 followed by low 7s) (163 BPM)
Tuesday-9.5 miles 8:07 pace (151 BPM)
Wednesday-10 miles 7:40 pace with CV (151 BPM)
Thursday-10 miles 7:36 pace with CV (154 BPM)
Friday-12 miles 7:14 pace with NC and MR
Saturday-8.5 miles 7:57 pace (155 BPM)
Sunday-12 miles 7:45 pace (151 BPM)


Keen Bean Company said...

hey there - I hope Santa is good to you and rids you of your aching knee.

ornaments in a shallow bowl or tall vase always look great - I also like to hang from anywhere with ribbon - rarely opened cabinet doors, curtain rods and the like.

Happy Holidays!

Backofpack said...

Merry Christmas Elizabeth!