Down for the Count

After stubbornly trying to run through the pain for two weeks I gave up and am on a 3-day hiatus from running. Plan is to test the knee Wednesday with 5 on the treadmill and no more than 5 miles a day for the rest of the week. Not really how I envisioned finishing out such a stellar year of running but what are you going to do? Knee pain started Sunday the 13th and while the pain wasn't bad while running my husband (and family and even running friends) were starting to question my sanity as I gimped up and down stairs but insisted on running. In my defense the pain wasn't getting worse and I was hoping to run through this one. But 17 weeks of training with a bum knee does not sound appealing so hopefully I can nip this pain now with a few days to maybe a week off. I'll be adding in quad strengthening to hopefully avoid a recurrence!

Despite all that I had a pretty good December so far. 244 miles and right now almost 500 more miles than I ran in all of 2008. Not too shabby.

Last weeks summary: 73 miles if we start on Sunday :) 61 with the usual Monday start.

12/20/09 (Sunday)-7:45 pace 12 miles
12/21/09-treadmill 5 miles 8:00 pace
12/22/09-AM- 2 miles 8:11 pace (ice), PM-8 miles 7:42 pace
12/23/09-AM-8.5 miles 8:00 pace, PM-5 miles 7:20 pace
12/24/09-13 miles 7:11 pace
12/25/09-5 miles 7:34 pace
12/26/09-15 miles trails under 12 minute pace with photo stops etc

A few pics from the Saturday Waterfalls Run:


Anonymous said...

You should look into physical therapy for that knee pain. Get you back out there and prevent future injuries:)

Ryanaldo said...

make it a 14 count.

solarsquirrel said...

Gorgeous pictures! I wish that I could be out there running with you! What did you do to your knee?