Week 10 with the Coach

Start Line Johnnycake 5 Mile (CV, Salty, and I striding out pre start)

Gotta make this a quickie. I've just been swamped with work and kept myself busy this past weekend volunteering at the Buckeye 50k all day Saturday then raced Sunday morning and did some work and rocked out. The weekend went by far too quickly and it is already Tuesday.

This week ended up at 57 miles

Monday- 6.8 at 8:34 pace
Tuesday- 7 on the track
Wednesday- 9 miles 8:24 pace
Thursday- 8.65 in the am with tempo, 4.75 at lunch easy 8:24 pace
Friday-6 miles 8:28 pace
Saturday- ~1.5 miles actually running easy on the trail, plus whatever I did running back and forth with runners at the aid station.
Sunday- About 2.8 miles on the warm up plus 4 or 5 strides.
5 Mile Johnnycake race: New PR, report to follow shortly
Cool down 5.59 miles 8:30ish pace

Did not feel stellar most of the week. Girl stuff. But by race day was much perkier (thank goodness!). Slacked off completely on my core work (only worked on it at the track Tuesday). Need to make it more of a focus this week!

Key Workouts:

Tuesday Track:

5*1000 with 2 minute rests aiming for 3:45 (rests got a little screwy as on every other set I tried to start off with the guys doing 1600s). Just wasn't feeling it, tried to focus on form but was informed the instant I started into any repeat I start to slouch, hunch over, and bring my arms up. I was tired so obviously just need to focus a wee bit harder tonight.

3:39.60 (2:06.98)
3:43.77 (1:58.72)
3:47.45 (2:01.34)
3:46.75 (2:49.35)

Thursday Tempo:

5 miles aiming for 7 minute pace. I did this on the track before heading to work. I did not feel stellar and wanted to quit multiple times but finished it out. The wind has been crazy on the track the past few weeks and Thursday morning was no different.

Total 34:51.5


duchossois said...

Congrats again on your PR at Johnnycake. Just an FYI, you are really doing great work at the track.

Brett S. said...

Thanks for the time you spent at the Boston Store Saturday. It was nice seeing you. Oh and I needed to eat a whole lot more the second time through. Maybe 2-3 more slices of that watermellon dipped in salt.

solarsquirrel said...

WOW!!!!! Awesome time Elizabeth!!! Super impressed. I can't wait to get back into running and hang w/ you guys...miss you a ton.

Kim said...

wow woman, you are truly a speed demon. awesome job.

i met a triathlete named Kim up at musselman and is friends with you and janet!