February 2009 Training Rundown

After Richmond last November I decided it was time for a few back off months. Time to regroup and refocus my efforts and try to determine what my running goals would be for 2009 and the future. I did a lot of high mileage weeks last year topping out with a 90 miler, but my consistency wasn't great, my average weekly mileage during Richmond training was around 65 because I would have two huge weeks followed up by a dismal week due to either life or exhaustion. So my focus this month has been on consistency. I want to keep my average mileage the same as it was for Richmond, but peak weeks will be around 70 miles rather than 90 and low weeks will be 45-50 rather than 30-40.

Well that training started the last week of January and other than that first week has gone as planned. The week I started my 12 week program for Boston I was definitely lacking motivation, just feeling sluggish and unsure of my goals. I planned out Pfitzingers low mileage plan which peaks around 50 miles and decided I was going to take it easy and just run Boston for fun. Well about half way through that week I sucked it up and got back on top of my training motivation and wrote out Pfitzingers middle mileage plan which peaks at 70 miles twice, telling myself I would run somewhere in between the two plans every week depending on what life is throwing at me and on how my body is responding to the training.

Since the first training block is mostly endurance and building mileage I have actually been hitting the higher mileage weeks with no issues the past few weeks. I haven't been strictly following the plan on easy days, doing whatever mileage I feel like rather than what is planned, but I have been getting in the key medium long runs, tempos, and long runs. I've backed off my pace on the easy runs and the medium long runs this time around, and I have upped my effort on the long runs. Tempos have been okay, not great due to weather and the fact that I haven't run anything fast since November. The wind has just been nuts in Cleveland this month and too many of my routes end into the wind, but if it is windy in Boston I will not have any excuses! This week starts in on speed workouts, and I have three races before Boston starting with Youngstown half this weekend to figure out what kind of speed I have in me. So far I am feeling confident about my endurance but since I haven't raced since November my speed is a big question mark, and if my tempo runs are any indicator I don't like what I see and likely have some really hard workouts and races coming up the next few weeks to get to where I want to be.

Last year I paced Tampa in early February and did a few recovery weeks so mileage was low. I think that killed me a bit at Boston so I am hoping that having a more consistent February this year will prove useful at Boston. I know the 12 week training plan is minimal, but I think I really needed the mental and physical recharge after Richmond in November. Not to mention that anything more than the 12 week plan has you training in really shitty Cleveland winter weather for over 2 months and I am not sure anyone can take that :)

I have purposely not been tracking workouts on here, trying to keep my motivation to get the miles internal rather than logging them just to beef up my training log. But for those that are wondering I have been training and so SH doesn't think I am logging secret miles here is how the month of February played out.

February 2nd to the 8th-11 weeks to Boston-55 miles
Tuesday-10 miles with 4 at LT effort. Tempo was slow, 7:23, 7:23, 7:09, 6:54, took almost a week to recover from the effort, legs just felt hammered, was pretty disappointed
10 minutes stretching and some quick abs
Wednesday-6 miles easy with Daisy 9minute pace
Thursday-5.5 miles easy with Daisy and BM 9:30s
Friday-11.6 miles with GP 9 minute pace
Saturday-4.5 miles easy 9 minute pace
Sunday-17 miles with Daisy and Solar, felt strong 8:20 pace. 60 minutes yoga

February 9th to the 15th-10 weeks to Boston-64 miles
Tuesday-9 miles with 10*25 second strides 8:20 pace
Wednesday-6.5 miles easy with a couple short hill sprints at the end 8:50 pace
30 minutes strength-3*10 push up/side planks, 3*20 abs, side leg lifts, lunges, single leg squats, plank 90 seconds
Thursday-4.65 mile run easy 8:50 pace
Friday-AM 12.6 miles with GP, 9:10s, Lunch 6.6 miles with Daisy Easy, 8:40s
Saturday-4.3 miles easy 9:20s
Sunday-20 miles with Frank, PR, and SG, 7:25 pace

February 16th to 22nd-9 weeks to Boston-64 miles
Monday-20 minutes strength 3*10 push up planks, 60 sec plank, 2*30 second planks, 2*20 abs
Tuesday-8 miles easy with Salty 8:45 pace
Wednesday-8 miles easy with Salty 9 minute pace
Thursday-AM: 9.5 mile. second LT attempt. Did not go well. Too windy outside (45 mph gusts) so did a 4 mile warm up outside with Daisy then took to the treadmills. 3 miles at 6:53 pace, took a small breather for water and heart rate skyrocketed when I ratcheted it back up. So did one mile at 7:00 pace and called it quits.
Lunch: 4.5 miles easy with Daisy, Salty, and JC, 9:45 pace
PM: 60 minutes yoga
Friday-11.6 miles with GP, 9:40 pace
Saturday-5.25 miles easy, 9:30 pace
Sunday-17.25 miles with MN, DP, and Frank, 7:50 pace

February 23rd to March 1st-8 weeks to Boston-75 miles
Tuesday-8 miles easy with Salty and Daisy, 10*30 second strides. 8:20s
Wednesday-AM 12.5 miles with 6 miles at LT effort. Windy day on marginal, ran from home to work: 7:03, 6:57, 6:48,7:08,7:01,7:05, struggled with the wind and stupid contact rolling up in my eye
Lunch: 4.35 miles easy with Daisy, Salty and JC 9:40s
Thursday-7 miles easy with Daisy and Salty, 9 minute pace
PM 60 minutes Yoga
Friday-15.4 miles with GP, 9:10s
Saturday-7 miles easy with 6*30 second strides, 8:50s
Sunday-20 miles with Frank, PR, and KM, 7:34 pace


duchossois said...

You're running so well, you make me wonder why I didn't take some time off after my fall marathon. It really seems to have done you well. It was a great doing 20+ with you and Paul today.

Thomas said...

I find it quite motivating to keep a detailed log on my blog. If I'm tempted to cut a run short or bin it entirely, it is usually the fact that I would have to confess all about it in public that keeps me going. I find that a great tool to ensure consistency.

DaisyDuc said...

Despite your doubts a couple weeks ago, you really seem to be running as strong as ever! 2009 is going to be a good year for you!

iliketoast said...

I think consistency is a key for you .... and perhaps getting leaner (now weight issues can be a bit confronting and might even cross the line) .... you need to be tough ... and you know you are! Boston PB is now there for the taking ... so you take it. OK?

P.S. It was 2005 we both ran Columbus Oct 16th .... I just PB'd a 3K time trial .... now it's your turn

E-Speed said...

Toasty is the lean comment in reference to my tasty dessert photo in the last post? ;)

I've cut out the booze until Boston so I should be plenty lean come April 20 :)

Black Knight said...

I agree about the consistency. The 2009 will be the year of the glory full of PB.