So one of the fun perks of being a blogger, pacer, and running editor for OS&F is on occasion I get to try out cool running products for free! Not a bad gig since I love free stuff, and I especially love free running stuff!

I was approached by ProWash a few months ago and they sent me a free bottle of their detergent. The detergent is designed specifically for technical gear in the hopes to lengthen the life of your technical goods and keep them from smelling after use. Theory being most regular detergents attach on a microscopic level to your clothes and you never really get rid of the smell because the soap clings holding bad smells in, not too mention the clinging soap particles cause your technical gear to stop functioning as it should (i.e. no more wicking sweat away from your skin).

I obviously use tons of technical gear and unfortunately I am a sweater so my stuff stinks! (Just ask my husband!) Well I'm happy to report that I love the mild scent of ProWash and it has done an excellent job keeping my technical gear smelling great. There were only two items ProWash was not able to revive from their smelly state, and one is a sports bra I have had since high school, the other a shirt I wear constantly so no big surprise they have a permanent funk.

Everything else however smells great, and I even tried it out on a few combo loads with technical and regular clothes (don't tell my husband!) and the regular clothes came out smelling great too, whereas normally I risk my workout funk getting on the regular stuff if I wash them together. Since I am an environmental freak we do all of our loads on cold and I hang dry all of my technical gear so I think that is a testament that I do not have to wash my stuff on high heat to get out the smell using ProWash.

I am not sure how the cost compares to regular detergent or where this may be locally available but I am definitely a new fan. Added bonus their packaging is a pouch rather than a bottle so it uses less plastic and is more environmentally friendly! Bottom line I was pleased with the detergent and I give the company props to reaching out via the blog community to test their wares and get the word out.

If you are so inclined you can find out more about the product here:

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ninjamarathonman said...

Is it okay to use in a high efficiency washer?

Have you tried other similar products?

Brian said...

OK you sold me. I have a couple of shirts that are stanky. As for your bra from HS. 1. How does it still fit. and 2. Throw the damn thing away. It has outlived it's time on earth.

E-Speed said...

Brian that bra is awesome! It fit in high school and it fits now but it probably didn't fit in college. I begged my mom for that sports bra and had to make a deal with her to get it (before that I didn't know what technical meant and only wore crappy cotton sports bras). Something about getting straight A's I think. All I have to say, best investment ever! I've actually been meaning to blog about that bra for awhile now. It has outlasted many newer technical bras I have bought. That bra was serious good product!

solarsquirrel said...

That's awesome that you still have a bra from highschool - I have some bras from bootcamp that are 13 years old now! I think I want to get some of that detergent now...I was sold after I saw the packaging.

Irene said...

Thanks for the props!

FYI, I even used it on something the cat peed on, and you know what a tough odor THAT is!

Black Knight said...

I never had a bra, my fault!!!!
Late congrats for you wonderful PR on St. Malachi 5 mile Race.

duchossois said...

I definitely will not be buying ProWash. When I'm racing, I count on that super-funky aroma to take the breath away from anyone who tries to pass me. ;-)