Missing Cancun

Seriously I was so spoiled there, great weather, free food, free drinks, free fitness classes. Can't be beat. But alas I am back in the real world ;)

I have been crazy busy but the past two weeks of running have gone great. I wrote down two pfitzinger programs to train for Boston, both 12 weeks, one maxing out at 55 mpw and one at 70 and I am just going with the flow running key workouts and targeting a mileage somewhere in the middle. So far the first week was a bust but the past two weeks I have easily hit 60+ with a couple of good quality workouts thrown in for good measure. Not really sticking to the plan on recovery days and just doing what I feel like but hitting the tempo, long, and medium long run days and the mileage seems to work out on its own. After a rough tempo run a few weeks ago I had kind of given up on my fitness level and figured Cancun and the long break from any serious mileage had taken its toll. So I was pleasantly surprised last Sunday when I went out and did 20 miles faster than I ever have before. That was really a nice mental boost. This weeks tempo wasn't perfect but it was better so I am still sticking with the positive :)

Ending the year on Richmond was kind of sour so I think even though I know that the race didn't mean anything in terms of my fitness I was letting it get me down a bit. In 2007 even if JFK had gone poorly (thankfully it didn't) I ended the year with a 5K PR so I went out with a bang. So having not raced since Richmond and the Turkey Trot I was just doubting all of my hard work from last year and if it had really gotten me anywhere. New focus is to have fun with the training (as much as is possible in Cleveland in the winter) and we will just see how it lays out at Boston. I'm trying to take a more casual approach and not put so much into the finishing time at Boston. I've got a lot of fun events planned this year but right now I don't really have an "A" goal. Just want to get faster all around. I've focused on my diet a bit the past few weeks and cut out alcohol until after Boston so I am hoping to be lean and mean by April ;)

In the mean time I have been enjoying Thursday nights out with G and N for $2 burgers. I volunteered at the CTC indoor tri on valentines day and cheered at the Chili Bowl 5K. Hit up the Running the Sahara Premiere which was awesome (had a great interview with Charlie Engle this morning for OSF, what a nice guy!) and inspiring. Got out to the Cleveland Interclub social and the CTC kickoff meeting and am getting ready for the Youngstown half and our annual SERC banquet. On top of that have been cranking away at work and my first official article was published in OSF last month!

So all that to say I am here, I am busy, and I suck at keeping this updated! Look for what will hopefully be an exciting post about Running the Sahara soon!


duchossois said...

I like your attitude going into the 2009 season. You're going to have a wonderful year. I am looking to running with you and rooting for you.

Runner Susan said...

70? Holy moly.

DaisyDuc said...

Mmmm, that ice cream is looking good!

IHateToast said...

what is that?

E-Speed said...

chocolate fudge cake ala mode!