Weekly Rundown 7/21/08-7/27/08

Recovery week from the Buckeye 50k, and just hoping the best for the two events this weekend, not as much running as I would have liked, but not really an opportunity to get in more without setting myself back. Need to lay out a plan this week for my Richmond Training. I am going to look at Pfitzinger and tweak it a bit to fit in the 50k in September and the Akron Marathon pace job. Cycling will be limited to the commute to work for the next few months and swimming probably only the occasional Thursday morning where I feel the need to jump in the lake. No more crazy century rides or USMS swim races!

Monday- bike ride to work 12.54 miles


Lunch: 5.5 mile run easy downtown

Walk with David to Dairy Queen and Back


Easy run with Daisy 6 miles


Bike ride home 12.46 miles

Brick Run off bike 5.33 mile run easy


6 mile easy run with Salty


2 mile open water swim 1:04:25

Marked ~4 miles of the Burning River course


102.21 mile bike ride 6:56:15 ride time, just shy of 15 mph, and just long enough to tap out my Garmin as I pulled into the parking lot, talk about timing!

Considered running off the bike but thought better of it and instead scarfed down about 2 servings worth of dinner and enjoyed a beer before heading home.

Week Totals

Run: 23 miles

Bike: 127 miles

Swim: 2 miles

Walk/Hike: 6 miles


allanjel said...

And they say I am crazy for doing a 100k bike ride on a rental for my second ride in 10 years. HA! Did you just triple your bike mileage for the year w/ that century? Great Job!!

duchossois said...

What a weekend! 2 mile swim race followed by a 102 miles biking. I think you can let you body recover a bit this week.

iliketoast said...

Instead of Richmond you could do the inaugural San Antonio rock n roll.

Steve Stenzel said...

Sweet - I'm glad you fit in a walk to DQ!!

IHateToast said...

you would have enjoyed the 21 km pub run. i think you could've stayed strong.