BI-Weekly Run Down 6/30/08-7/13/08

Playing catch up here once again. What can I say I have just been downright busy!

Quick Stats

Goal for the week to run everyday at least 60 minutes and hopefully hit 65+ miles

Monday- 6 mile run with Daisy, Salty, and CJ, and 10 minutes quick strength building for the upper body

Tuesday- Lunch 7 mile run at lunch with Daisy. Hill repeats
PM 3.3 mile run to the library and back EZ

Wednesday- 7 mile run with CJ to Edgewater- Medium Effort

Thursday- 6.5 mile lunch run EZ with Salty and CJ
pm- 60 minutes yoga with JC

Friday- 21.5 mile run 8:35 pace Pops joined me on the bike. Wonderful morning for a run.

First run with the Garmin, seemed to work pretty well, mileage was almost exactly what my dad got on his bike computer. Auto pause was iffy during bathroom stops, going to stop using auto pause for runs, I am in the habit of pausing the watch for breaks anyways, but this feature will be great on the bike when I want to start the watch and forget about it!

Saturday- 10 mile run with dad easy

Sunday- 15 mile road run easy (12 miles with MJ)

Just under 77 miles and my biggest week ever (1 more than the week before!)

7/7/08-7/13/08 Goal mini taper week and 50 miles

Monday- Rest (after 15 days in a row of running and 7 days in a row of pavement I figured I earned it)

Tuesday- 12.5 mile bike ride into work
6 mile easy run in the evening

Wednesday- Speed workout with Daisy 8.25 miles. Attempted to do a ladder around 5k pace but the heat and humidity thwarted that plan

400- 1:32
800- 3:05
Mile- 6:45

Plenty of rest on all of these but my heart rate increased about 10bpm for each of these so we called it and just jogged it in after the mile.

PM- 2 mile walk with David

Thursday- 6 mile run with Daisy and Salty easy

Friday- 5 mile run with 6*100 strides

Saturday- 2.5 mile warm up easy
10 mile trail race

(Thanks Chef Bill for the photos!)
3 mile cool down

Sunday- 9.5 miles in Solon with Frank and Hawthorne. Pushed the pace a little too much following such a hard effort on Saturday. Left calf is sore but should be fine for Saturday with taper in full effect this week.

Total for the week 49 miles

Looking forward to some more high mileage and adding in some more goal oriented speed work following the 50k! But this week it is time to enjoy a few extra rest days, get my butt reacquainted with the bike (all easy riding), and prepare mentally for a kick ass 50k.


duchossois said...

Great are totally ready for the BT50k. See you on Saturday morning.

RunBubbaRun said...

Way to crank out those miles..

Good luck at the 50k, look forward to reading about it..

You'll definetly kick some ass out there.

IHateToast said...

you're an odometer on crack.

TriSaraTops said...

Have a FUN race!!!

qcmier said...

10 mile trail run? Ohhh that sounds soooo fun right now.

iliketoast said...

you are right on track for the kick ass 50k!

Steve Stenzel said...

Great photos! CRAZY mileage!!