6:30 am swimming

Got up to go swim at six. Got down to the pool and found out adult swim doesn't start until 6:30 am and they are serious about it. My fab would't open the door so they must have it set to lock down until 6:30.

So I waited a half hour and went back down. There were two other people there, an older lady and a girl probably in her mid twenties. I did 25 minutes of freestyle and 5 minutes of alternating breast and back stroke. Felt great in the water but when I got out I felt like crap. I hope that won't become an issue, I can just see myself getting into the bike transition area and being dizzy and ralphing or something...

newho I felt better after I took a shower and ate something.

it is nice to have the workout done and out of the way so early in the morning.

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