More Cancun Fun

Harder than it looks!

Yes I ate that Prawn!

I may or may not have drank most of this bottle, with some help from my dad.

Some shot called a bumble bee

At the Disco

Winding down a bit for a few here before we head to dinner and Fiesta. Just got back from climbing the rock wall, it was crazy tough, I thought I was quite a monkey but I am going to have to get serious to make it to the top of that wall! I'll try again later in the week :) Last night we saw an amazing Brazilian Drum and acrobatics shows then did some dancing of our own before calling it a night. I managed to wake up and do yoga and run again this morning. Met a nice couple from Grand Rapids to run with yesterday and today. The loop around the hotel is about 2.5 miles so it isn't too awful to get in a few loops without getting bored. The heat is a little much especially after imbibing the night before but I am certainly not complaining :) Maybe I will try to get in a few doubles to keep the mileage up but minimize time in the heat. Tomorrow we are going on a Mayan Ruins tour so I might fall a bit off the exercise boat, but so far I have managed to maintain weight despite all the fancy drinks and great food here.


Kim said...

looks like SO much fun!!!!!!! hope you had an absolute blast!

duchossois said...

Looks like a great time! Glad to hear that, despite all of the fun and food and drink, you are still getting your daily runs in.

Keen Bean Company said...

Welcome back!

I love how you just checked it all out - from water aerobics to rock climbing to shots! We are headed to the warmth next week - you have inspired me to try something new too!

IHateToast said...

you climbed a big chocolate bar?