Happy New Year

Well after the two weeks of Holidays I am plain exhausted. We had company over to our place for both Christmas and the New Years and it has left me a little ragged. Bags under my eyes for the first time ever. It's not a good look for me! But everyone had a great time and our house is in great shape for once :) If only I could afford a maid to keep it this way all year!

I have just been swamped at work and with life the past few months and the blog has been slacking. I try to keep the close friends/family up to date with quick facebook updates but I need to try and get back to blogging more steadily! I enjoy it and I miss it. To add to the madness this year I will be posting running articles in a local fitness magazine which will take up some of my creative time. So posts around here may be briefer and there may not be as many but hopefully they will still be entertaining for the audience and a good way of keeping track of my life for future reflection on my part.

2008 was a pretty darn good year for me. I didn't make quite as much progress on the running front as I anticipated but I managed to squeak out a PR in both my marathon and 50K performances twice this year as well as in the 10k. I ran every 5k but one in sub 20. And I had a lot of fun trying out some new events for the CTC Beast Series, eeking out a win by the end of the year for competing in 8 local long distance events. In addition I topped my annual mileage by quite a bit rolling out of the year with 2300 miles ran. It is certainly not as high as it could have been but it was 10 miles per week more than last year which is a big jump in the right direction.

The year ended on a weak note with only one run on Christmas Eve for a 12.5 mile week, but this week I jumped right back into things hitting 68 miles. I am going to try for a bit more moderation this year, maybe not quite as high of peak weeks but a more steady slew of medium/high weeks. No other real resolutions. I think I am going to take an approach of working hard but not worrying too much about the outcome this year. I have quite a few goals with my running but they don't always allign so I think this may be a better approach for now. First big race of the year is Boston so I need to get a plan in shape here quickly. But in the meantime I will be trying to log 45+ mile weeks and thinking about how on earth I will do that while in Cancun in two weeks for a much needed vacation!

Hope everyone's holidays were great and that you are getting the new year off to a good start!


duchossois said...

You had a great year! You accomplished a lot, and increased your miles substantially over last year. I am glad we were able to have lots of runs together, even if you are old, and fat, and you voice is shrill. ;-)
Seriously, thanks for all the support, and help, and conversation, and fun.

Kim said...

Hey good to hear from you E! Please let us know what magazine you are doing the articles for, I'd like to read your articles!
See you at the Winter BT!

iliketoast said...

Take me on holidays, we could run together, it'd be great, trust me on this.

Lloyd said...

Happy New Year! I heard about your new writing assignment -- good luck to you in this new endeavor.

IHateToast said...

bags under your eyes? you?

no one believes that.