6:30 am swimming

Got up to go swim at six. Got down to the pool and found out adult swim doesn't start until 6:30 am and they are serious about it. My fab would't open the door so they must have it set to lock down until 6:30.

So I waited a half hour and went back down. There were two other people there, an older lady and a girl probably in her mid twenties. I did 25 minutes of freestyle and 5 minutes of alternating breast and back stroke. Felt great in the water but when I got out I felt like crap. I hope that won't become an issue, I can just see myself getting into the bike transition area and being dizzy and ralphing or something...

newho I felt better after I took a shower and ate something.

it is nice to have the workout done and out of the way so early in the morning.

Slow and steady wins the race...right?

Went for a run/jog on the way home from work at Euclid Creek Reservation. It was a lot warmer today and my legs were a bit worn down from yesterday's run. I did 30 minutes but didn't get quite as far as usual. I think cross training is going to help with the sore muscles a bit since biking and swimming work totally different muscle groups than running does. My hamstrings and feet will be glad for the break!
Can't wait for some real coached workouts! I kinda of miss the team sports.
Saw a snake at the park (don't worry he was small) but he wasn't in an ideal situation being in the middle of the trail.
Found the perfect place to start my runs. There is a loop there that is perfect for a 5 minute cool down and there is a post where I can put my legs up and stretch!

Evening Run

Went for a run at the park (Euclid Creek Reservation) on the way home from work. Got in 40 minutes. Approximately 10 minute miles. Not fabulous but hey I have over four months until the race.

There were quite a few runners out tonight because of the nice weather...quite a change from the hail yesterday.

Accenture Chicago Triathlon

Offical workouts start on May 10th but I am preparing for these training sessions with some light running, biking, and swimming.

april 27th: tried out bike in the AM and was able to turn, stop, and shift :) Yay! (Apparently it is "as easy as riding a bike") Only went out for 30 minutes because it started to hail.