8 mile tempo blahs

Well, It's a good thing I had a nice track workout this week because last nights tempo was pretty ugly. Thanks to mother nature I had perfect weather, but thanks to being a  female I got it on the worst day of the month for me running. Blah! Felt like absolute crap all day and though the tempo didn't look too intimidating on paper I had a feeling it would be tougher than usual.


My stomach was a mess and I had cramps from hell but I laced up and got it done the best I could. The warm up was SLOW, so slow I did an extra mile to try and get something from my legs before turning up the pace. Alas it was just not my night to run fast. Basically the entire workout felt like I was running uphill (which would be impossible considering I did several out and backs). I was supposed to get in 8 at 6:25 and I was only under 6:40 for the 2nd and last mile. Everything else between 6:40 and 6:53. Ouch! It wasn't for lack of effort either sadly. I ran hard the whole way and ignored the watch. Only one pit stop at 5.5 for a really pissed stomach.

Oh well, you gotta weather the tough ones sometimes. I really wanted to bag it and try again today but I decided that it was better to gut it out and get whatever I could out of the effort. I've had too many tempos in the past where I blew up and quit. No quitting on workouts this year because of slow paces! Hopefully the effort is what's really important ;)

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Toasty said...

I hear you. It just goes that way sometimes :(