Round the Roo 5k Report

Jim Chaney certainly puts on a good event. It is so nice when a race event management company is ran by someone that actually cares about racing and the runners.

Race day and results and video are already up on the internet.

Instant gratification :) Every runner can get behind that. (Videos in posts below)

Had a good race this morning. Perhaps not the best executed race, but any time you miss a PR by a few seconds I don't think you can complain. Especially when you do it on an indoor track in January on no real speed training since the fall. I'll take it :)

Round the Roo was basically a road race 5k, but instead of running it outside it was run inside at Akron University's track. 300 meters. 3 heats of 30 people. For the seriously fast this was probably an issue as they were having to lap quite a few runners multiple times, but for most of us I think it worked out pretty well.

Good first mile right on my training partners heels at 5:34. Goal was 5:40 pace, so a little quick, but seemed ok at the time. Started to fall off my little pack as we got lapped the first time by the race leader just after the mile. Lap splits started going from 1:02, to 1:03, to 1:04. Wasn't feeling too hot but trying to keep my head in the game. Came through the 2 mile in 11:19. Slowing down a bit here in 5:45. Now if I could just get back down to 5:40 pace we'd be good. Unfortunately the splits started going to 1:05 now and no matter what I told myself or my efforts to up my effort I just couldn't get those splits back to 1:03. Held on to be the second female across the line but missed my best 5k by about a second crossing in 17:48.

Today's event was age graded to make things more interesting. Our friend BB who is 60 this year ran 21:10 which age grades her heads and heels over the rest of us. So she snagged 1st female, another quick masters female running 18:59 age graded 2nd while my training buddy who ran a new PR at 17:25 finished 3rd and I finished 4th. Lots of other running pals from SERC and Second Sole kicked butt and it was a fun way to spend the morning.

Would have liked to have shaved some time off that PR this morning, but given I have been a little unsure of my speed right now it is nice to know that at a minimum it is still at the same level it was last summer. I am struggling with these shorter races, it is really hard to know if when I start to fall off after the mile if it is because I just went out too fast, or if I am just not willing to suffer more to reach a higher goal right now. The latter half of these races I feel like perhaps no matter the pace I will feel like I am struggling, just not sure if there is some mental wherewithal I can untap to break through that barrier, or if it is actually physical and not mental. Good thing I want to be a marathoner and not a track star I guess :)


Trisaratops said...

Smokin' fast, E! Nicely done! :)

Kim said...

super speedy E! congrats on a well run race! you are gonna kill boston :)

allanjel said...

If I had a nickel every time I came through the first mile of a 5k and thought "seemed okay," I'd be a rich and tired old lady :)

Sounds like you're testing your limits and setting new ones!! Congrats