Week 9 Speed Phase

Yes another boring weekly rundown. Trust me it's a lot better doing it than reading about it ;) Although early in the week I was definitely having one of those, goodness this is getting rough phases, motivation was low, but nothing a few great workouts and a day off couldn't cure! I truly believe consistency is a major key to progress so definitely want to keep any low motivation and low effort weeks to a minimum! Busy social weekend so I was pleasantly surprised everything went so well!

Right heel is showing signs of plantar fascitis so really trying to stay on top of it stretching my calves, icing etc. and hoping it won't become an issue.

Goal for the week:

Total Mileage 65.

Tuesday: Track.
Thursday: Tempo run on roads 5 miles @ 6:15 pace.
Long run: 12 miles @ 6:45 pace.
2 days @ 7:50 - 8:20 or slower at the end of one of these days do 4 - 6 * 100.
2 days @ 7:20 - 7:40.

How it played out:

66 miles

Tuesday-11 with track
Wednesday-13 at 8:21
Thursday-10 with tempo
Friday-7 at 7:20
Saturday-12 at 7:16
Sunday- 1 mile warm up then 12 at 6:43

Tuesday Track: It was hot hot hot! Intended workout was 1600, 3 min rest, 1200, 2 min rest, 800, 2 min rest, 1200, 3 min rest, 1600 all at 5:43 pace. We ended up canning the last 1600 and doing a mile of striding straights jogging curves instead but otherwise workout went well. Took an extra minutes rest before the last 1200.


Thursday Tempo: Our garmins have been going crazy at the place we usually do tempos so we tried a new locale. Road was semi rolling so not ideal for tempo, but the change of scenery must have been enough to keep us on pace despite the harder course. Thankfully the weather was much better than Tuesday!


ave pace 6:11

Sunday: First faster long run in awhile and it went well. The Solon Hill was definitely not easy and my legs were a bit toasted, but managed to hit the pace for the run and after an ice bath and some self massage I think the legs are ready for another hard week!

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