The Facts Boston Marathon 2009

Not trying to leave anyone hanging here on a race report but I am still mulling everything over. I think it takes a few days to really process the race with an unbiased mind.

I had yet another fun weekend in Boston this year and there was lots of partying afterwards. I made it into work yesterday on two hours of sleep and managed to stay awake for about half of the cavs game before passing out on Gina and Neils couch (Thanks for letting us watch the game at your place guys, and super thanks for the tasty dessert and pizza!). I was so exhausted, just not any way I was going to find time to get in front of the computer for a lengthy report. Work is busy and I have a few other deadlines, not to mention a messy house that are taking priority this week. But I wanted to get in a quick post with the stats (since I am a freak) and a few thoughts on the race.

The Facts:

7:30 pace,
6 minute and 16 second PR,
3935 out of 22849 finishers,
341 out of 9302 Females,
284 out of 5023 Age Group (18-39 Females),
10th female from Ohio

I believe this is the most evenly paced race I have ever run in any distance. I averaged only two seconds slower per mile on the back half. (For comparison last year I averaged 18 seconds slower per mile and in 2006 I averaged 35 seconds per mile slower on the back half)

I executed my planned race effort perfectly, I went out intentionally slow the first mile, even effort through the hills, and brought the hammer down after the hills.

After a quick survey of my mile splits versus the course elevation, my race effort plan, and my personal strengths and weaknesses, I am confident that I ran the smartest race possible for how I felt on the day.

My Garmin was slightly off from the start and got further off as the day went. Not sure if this is from weaving, water stops or what, but regardless I think the races 5k splits are a more accurate look at my pacing since each mile has a lot of elevation differences in this race, while most of them are net downhill it varies greatly from mile to mile, and even through the hills from mile 16 to 21 there are miles in there with some flats, so mile splits on this course are not going to be even.

I did not micromanage my pace while on the course. I did look at my split most miles, and at the 5k markers I looked to see what my average pace was to verify if I was meeting my goals.

2009 Splits 5k Splits 5k pace Overall Pace
5k 0:23:28 0:23:28 0:07:33 0:07:33
10k 0:46:45 0:23:17 0:07:30 0:07:31
15k 1:09:52 0:23:07 0:07:26 0:07:30
20k 1:32:59 0:23:07 0:07:26 0:07:29
Half 1:38:02

25k 1:56:05 0:23:06 0:07:26 0:07:28
30k 2:19:51 0:23:46 0:07:39 0:07:30
35k 2:43:41 0:23:50 0:07:40 0:07:32
40k 3:06:40 0:22:59 0:07:24 0:07:31
Finish 3:16:30 0:09:50 0:07:13 0:07:30

More to come on evaluating and recounting the day soon. I leave you with a few great pics from around mile 15.

Thanks to Lloyd for getting these great shots!


Grellan said...

Congrats on your Boston PB. Very impressive splits for what appears to be a challenging course to master. Your planning certainly paid off. Well done!

iliketoast said...

i believe your finish from 35K gave you a saving of about 4 minutes based on what happens to most people .... make sure you tell us how you got even splits in the report ... again, well done, brilliant execution

Mike said...

Freaking awesome job!!! Great time as well!